Foaming Beard Wash

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Foaming Beard Wash


Take care of your precious facial hair with a mild yet effective beard wash. Did you know most shampoos are too harsh for normal everyday beard washing!? Try out our Foaming Beard Wash made from Organic Castile soap, MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride--coconut oil), Hempseed Oil, and Essential Oils. Our beard wash will leave your beard/face/hair clean and refreshed.

All of our beard washes are lightly scented--not overpowering. Comes in 100ml bottles. 

Read below for full descriptions of scents.

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Colter Bay: a refreshing Bay Rum scent.

Butch & Sundance: dedicated to the wild west this scent will take you back to the good ol' days when men were wild and crazy outlaws with Cedarwood, Lavander, & Cypress.

Highwayman: if you get the reference you will understand why this one is scented with Spearmint, Peppermint, & Lime. This one is sure to wake you up and leave you refreshed.

Nudist: Simple and pure. No Scent Added.