1. What is in your products?

Beard Balm-Beeswax-to give your beard some control from those pesky flyways. Shea butter- to relieve dry, itchy, flaky skin, as well as help that beard grow nice and strong. Coco butter-to reduce hair breakage, maintains the look of your beard through control and volume. Almond oil- to reduce frizzy hair. Camilina oil- to increase absorption properties of the the other ingredients as well as maintain moisture. Emu oil-to increase shine and overall health of the hair (lucky for you not found in most other beard balms). Hemp oil-to increase shine and overall health of the hair (lucky for you not found in most other beard balms)
Essential oils-natural and concentrated scents to make your beard smell o' so good! Each essential oil has different properties from aiding skin conditions to softening skin etc....breakdowns of each oil  can be found at https://www.auracacia.com/auracacia/aclearn/ar_directory.html

Beard Oil-Caprylic Capric Triglycerdies-derived from coconut oil and glycerin. This combo will moisture and replenish that beard! Jojoba oil- to increase absorption properties of the the other ingredients as well as maintain moisture. Hemp Seed Oil- helps with moisture, hair growth, and prevents hair breakage. Tea Tree Oil- reduces razor burn and overall skin irritations. Bitter Orange Oil- helps reduce dandruff and leave hair shiny
Peppermint Supreme Oil- helps retain moisture and gives your beard a fresh scent. Our oils come in the same scents as our beard balm. 

Select High End Beard Oil-Sweet Almond Oil-serves as a hair protector  and sealant and absorbs quickly into the hair and skin.  Jojoba Oil-similar to our own natural hair oils works to enhance moisture and shine. Argan Oil-a pure moisturizer used to increase shine and softness. Shea Olein-(fractionated Shea Butter) has UV absorbing properties and essentail fatty acids. Meadowfoam Oil-aids in retaining moisture. Castor Oil-provides extra moisture to fight off the dreaded "beardruff". 

Find ingredients to other products on our shop page. 

2. What do your scents smell like?

"Wyomingite" scent is a very traditional manly scented reminiscent of a sweet smelling Bourbon, made from the essential oils of Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Rosemary. 

"Cowboy" scent is fresh take on a good-old boy scent, reminiscent of leather, made from the essential oils of Pine Scotch, Vanilla, and Clove.

"Roughneck" scent is a strong scent for those hard-working men. Dedicated to oil field workers this scent is made from the essential oils of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Clove. 

"Hipster" is a trendy scent to go along with the booming trend of beard balms. This earthy yet fresh sent is made from the essential oils of Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Cedarwood. 

"Tourist" is for all you who would like to have a little piece of Wyoming with you. This light and citrus like scent is made from the essential oils of Bergamot, Eucalyptus, and Juniper Berry. 

"Damn Hippie" is an ode to the naturalist kind of people. This scent is a classic that will bring you back to the '60's. This scent is made from the essential oils of Patchouli, Lemongrass, and Bergamot. 

"Nudist" is a lightly scented smell with only the scents of the natural ingredients, No Sent Added. 

3. What kind of men should use these products?

The every day man with any kind/length of facial hair should use our products. From the balm to the oil the hair and skin on your face will thank you. Our products do not leave a greasy feeling (if they are you are using too much) and are absorbed quickly to nourish your hair follicle and skin. From stubble to Gandolf our high quality products will nourish, moisturize, condition, and leave your hair smelling amazing. 

4. What is your product for?

Our products are for every kind of man. Our beard balm can be used on stubble all the way to long facial hair. Our balm helps protect the hair, soften and manage the hair as well as help with breakage and encourage growth. Our beard oil, once again can be used from stubble to long facial hair. It is used as a conditioner. Our beard wash is a great substitute for shampoo, shampoo can dry out and strip your hair. Our beard wash is all natural and provides the right kind of clean and nourishment. The aftershave is a non-alcoholic based aftershave with ingredients that will sooth, heal, and moisturize. The skin/hand salve can be used on any skin. Particularity meant for hands, it protects, moisturizes, and heals. Our lip balm is for men and women alike, it is a lightly scented balm that is just down right fabulous. 

5. How do I use your product? 

Beard Balm-start with a small amount of product on the thumb nail and rub between fingers until liquefied. Smooth into hair. Use more product depending on length of hair as needed. If your hair feels greasy you are using too much. A little will really go a long way. Best used in the mornings or after a shower.

Beard Oil-drop about a pea sized amount of product into hands and smooth onto hair. Once again if your hair feels greasy you are using to much. Our oil should be used about 1-2 times a week as a leave in conditioner after a shower.

Aftershave-spray lightly immediately after shaving. 

Skin Salve-use whenever and wherever your skin needs moisture and healing. 

Lip Balm-use on lips whenever needed. Reapply as necessary. 

6. How long will your products last?

All of our products are high quality and potent, therefor, a little bit will go a long way. Really the length of time that our products will last depends on your usage. The beard balm and oil will last around on average around 4-12 weeks. 

7. There are a lot of beard products out there, why should I choose yours?

We pride ourselves in making local, all natural, and high quality products. We are not a large company, in face we are a simple beard loving couple that decided to start making a product on our own when we couldn't find anything locally. We have high quality control since are batches are small and we reach out to the local community through fundraisers and community events. We understand what it means to live in rural America and we are committed to our product with hard work, generosity, friendless, creativity, innovation, and dedication. 

8. Can I return a product? 

If for some reason you have an issue (legit concern) please contact us and we will work with you on an exchange or refund. 

9. How is shipping handled?

We charge a flat rate shipping in the US of $3 per order, so the more you order the better. We charge a flat rate shipping internationally of $8 per order. In stock items ordered before 1pm mountain time usually ship the same business day. In stock orders placed after 1pm will usually ship the next business day. Orders placed on weekends will usually ship on Monday. Custom and special orders will ship when the items are ready for shipment. If multiple orders are placed to the same destination address we will try to ship them in one package or the fewest packages possible. We will always provide you with a tracking number in your confirmation email for any order.

10. Can you do custom orders?

Yes. If you have a specific scent or combination, or product in mind that we may be able to make for you just contact us. For instance, we make a Lavender/Vanilla hand salve and we have made a Lavender/Vanilla body oil for a customer who wanted something just a little different from what we carry in our normal line. 


Ladies Corner

First, I do want to mention as a maker of fine products, we have not forgotten the ladies. We have lip balms and hand salves with lovely lady like scents. Our wax melts for wax house warmers have a masculine smell without being like cologne. We also have female customers who use our all natural aftershave to reduce irritation on legs and underarms. 

Also, we know you care and think about the men in your life. I know what you are thinking "oh he would never use products, he is so low maintenance". Don't worry we thought of that too, our products are meant for simple use wither it be daily or a few times a week. Just have to get the guys in the habit of using it. 

We encourage you to read up on our beard care products too and see what the benefits of proper use are.  Think about it, maybe you should spoil the man in your life with something that you can appreciate too! 



Beard Care 101





First off, your beard will be healthier if you're healthy. Eat well, exercise, and all that. Don't underestimate the role of genetics, though. Every man's beard is unique. Some are thicker, grow faster, and are just more hearty and full than others. Don't waste your time on beard envy. Instead, focus on how to make your own beard the best it can be.

Obviously, keeping your beard clean is important. Nothing stays healthy when it's filthy. Washing it in warm water, such as in the shower, is an excellent way to remove the majority of the crud. This will also allow you to retain a lot of the natural oils that are essential to beard health. It's best to avoid most shampoos. Most shampoos are not a soap but a chemical detergent and all those hard-to-spell ingredients (ammonium laureth sulfate and cocamidopropyl, for example) can strip your beard of these oils. True soaps are made from oils and fats that are blended with a base or acid such as lye, which is basically ash. Look for an actual soap for your beard. They usually cost a little more than detergent shampoos, but it's worth it.

A good conditioner, including higher end rinse-out conditioners from your local big-box store, is a good move. They can't replace the oils in your beard, but they can help minimize the damage your beard hair receives throughout the day. Keep in mind that facial hair is different from the hair on your head. It's usually much more coarse and differs in other physical properties. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing. Conditioners aren't particularly effective on beard hair, but more contact time can help a little. Many men have found that switching to a real soap makes conditioners unnecessary or at least less needed.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of whether you use a soap or a detergent shampoo, daily washing isn't necessary. A thorough rinse will remove most dry debris and other gunk. If your beard is actually soiled with nasty stuff then by all means wash it, but don't overdo it. Think of it like a really nice car with a cool paint job. Washing it too often is just as damaging as neglecting it altogether. Just do what needs to be done and be as gentle as practicable.

Other than washing, an oil or balm helps to condition and protect and will ultimately make it more manageable and less labor intensive. Both will help prevent split ends and breakage, and will make grooming and styling easier.



All beards require some maintenance, and most men would like to be as low maintenance as possible. Short beards usually require less upkeep than more lengthy ones, but that's just the toll you pay to have it (unless you're going for that crazy hobo look). Even with the increased maintenance of a longer beard it really isn't that much work and adds very little time to your daily regimen. Some guys balk at this, but remember that your face is one of the most prominent things people notice about you, plays a major role in making first impressions on people, and it's what people picture when they think of you or communicate with you on the phone or online.

We covered a lot of the basics of maintenance above, and a lot of it was focused on washing and conditioning. Conveniently, one of the best times for grooming is right out of the shower. Your beard is wet, freshly rinsed and/or conditioned, and that warm water has made it more pliable and cooperative than it is dry. Blow drying your beard isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it really isn't good either. Whether it's actually damaging to your beard is a matter of discussion unto itself, but it generally makes all your other beard grooming a bigger pain so why bother? A quick once-over with the towel is sufficient. Leave it damp but not soaking wet.

This is the best time to use an oil or balm. Both are excellent hair and skin conditioners, and both help with split ends, hair breakage, and stray hairs, but balms have more body and hold. How much you apply depends on your personal needs and it's best to start small and add more as needed until you find the right amount. Just remember that you can always add a little more but it's hard to remove excess product without getting back in the shower.

With either product start with some in the palm of your hand and work it between your fingers. Start applying it near the skin and work your way down your beard. Once you have it fairly even run a stiff brush or comb through it. This will help distribute the balm or oil through your hair.

Note: While any brush or comb will do, a quality piece is highly recommended. Most cheap brushes and combs are made of cast plastic and have rough and sharp edges that snag hairs and can cause damage that will only get worse with repeated use. Plus, they tend to pull hair and are difficult to get through the inevitable tangles that you will get. A few bucks for a good comb or brush is worth it to avoid damage, not to mention the pain and strings of swear words that go with detangling with a cheap dollar store comb or brush.

Any leftover oil or balm on your hands can be washed off with water or rubbed into any other skin or hair.

Styling a beard is a matter of personal choices and preferences. This can range from brushing it out or giving it a scrunch in the fist to accentuate natural curl to processes that involve a level of engineering comparable to designing a bridge. This is a topic too broad to get into here. What we can tell you is to experiment and see what you like and what you're comfortable with. It's your beard to do with as you please! Leave it pretty natural or sculpt it into a giraffe. Your call.

NOTE: One of the most important things is to not mess with it too much throughout the day. This can be difficult. Believe me, I KNOW. I have a bad habit of stroking my beard when I'm concentrating, reading, watching TV...really, any time both hands aren't occupied. It's not good for your beard to mess with it. The sooner you break yourself of the habit (or better yet, just don't start) the better off your beard will be. That's not to say you should never touch it, but don't overdo it.


Beard Oils

Oils will help you manage your beard. They don't do this by holding the hair, but by moisturizing and conditioning. Beard hair is coarse and conditioners made for the hair on your head just aren't up to the task. Several ingredients in good beard oils improve the overall condition of your beard while other ingredients are carriers that make it happen. Jojoba oil, for example, is very similar to the natural oils of your skin and hair and absorbs and conditions effectively and quickly.

Oils moisturize and condition your beard and help prevent split ends and strand breakage. They also moisturize and soothe the skin which helps a lot with irritation, dry skin and dandruff, and itch. One of the biggest complaints we hear from guys growing their beard is that until it gets long enough it itches. After using a good oil, such as out Standard or Select line, there's no more itch or irritation.

Beard Balms

Balms pull “double duty.” They moisturize and condition in much the same way oils do, but they also coat the hair. This does two things. First, it holds moisture in and protects the hair from environmental damage (very helpful for those of us with dirty jobs). Second, it acts as a light styling aid. Don't worry, though. We're not talking about a stiff, wiry hold like you see with hair gels or hair spray. It's a light hold that helps manage stray hairs and those annoying little “flyaway” hairs that refuse to get in line and go where they're told. In short, a balm does what an oil does, plus it helps with a little extra control and protection.


Who should use what?

This is where there is some understandable confusion. Unfortunately, there's no one perfect answer.

Guys with short beards are usually okay with an oil for conditioning and to help with dry skin or irritation. Even so, some guys who keep their beards short have issues with stray hairs. Sometimes an oil is sufficient, but for some a balm works better. In our experience the straighter the beard the more likely an oil will do the job and more curly beards are more likely to benefit from a balm.

Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, needs, and style.

Another consideration is your environment—especially where you work or spend a lot of time. Guys with really dirty jobs—mechanics, for example—can benefit from the protection of a balm. Grease, oil, and other nasty stuff doesn't stick as badly and has less chance to damage the beard.

A lot of guys like to keep things simple, and there's nothing wrong with that. Using both balms and oils is perfectly fine as well. You can use an oil day to day and go to the balm on a “bad beard day” when it just doesn't want to cooperate (we all have one now and then). Your beard, your needs, and your personal tastes are the main factors to consider.


To give you an example, I'll summarize my personal regimen. I use our Select Balm daily, but I switch to the Standard Balm on those odd days when my beard is rebelling against me. The Standard has more hold than Select, but Select is a little bit better as a conditioner and a little easier to apply since it liquefies with less effort. Once or twice a week I thoroughly wash my beard with a good beard wash in the evening and apply our Select Oil. I put it on pretty heavily compared to what one would do for daily application, and just let it sit overnight for extra conditioning. In the morning it's back to the usual routine—a little balm, brush it out, and I'm out the door. It sounds like a lot of fuss, but it really isn't. None of my routine takes more than a minute or two, and washing takes only a couple of minutes in the shower.

There are a lot of good resources online to aid you in deciding, and of course, you can always contact us via email, or on Facebook and we'll be glad to help you out.