Gift Sets-1oz Oil, 2oz Balm, Folding Buffalo Horn Comb, and 100% Boars Bristle Brush. 


"I'm loving this beard stuff. My beard feels like a soft pile of feathers plucked from the finest virgin doves of Rome. Thank you." Garrett H.  

"I just picked up my sample pack of the beard balm and oil. Awesome stuff! Aside from the healthy sheen of my roughneck smelling facial follicles, I noticed an immediate increase in virility, vim, and vigor, a heightened note of jealousy from my wife as strange women swooned on the street as I passed by and a sad, dejected look from the poor beardless sods with their girly faces."-Wanye Bradley P.  

"Your products smell great, and have exactly the right amount of hold for a gentleman such as myself."-Ben E. 

"Sure beats using mutton grease, and smells a whole lot better! The Hipster is my favorite scent and I have noticed a difference in shine and control when using 307. I highly recommend! Thanks 307 Beards."-Fabian Y. 

"Since I started using the beard balm, my dog has started sniffing my goatee. You might have a hit with the dogs too. Should put a warning label on it for men who wear it to the bar."-Drew D.

"I like to think I'm low maintenance but when people started handing me cash when I walked down the street I realized I just looked like a filthy hobo with beard hair growing all over the place. Now I'm much more presentable. Now people keep asking me about duck calls, but I can live with it."-Shane M. 

"Your product makes me feel sexy!" Travis C. 

"Can you make a bacon scented balm? My wife is a vegetarian so it's all tofu and rice cakes around here."-Robert Q. 


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